Selasa, 22 Juni 2010

It's hard to decide a title,so yeah,ended up like this.

Hello sunshine. I know i know,it's been a long long time i haven't posted anything since my last one.
So,what to talk? I swear i have nothing to talk about. Err,but i have something which i can take as the topic which i'm gonna talk about which is about my new bought book which is so fantastic,funny,and stuff which i really love. Do you guys want to hit me already? Yeahhhh.... (?)
Here it is...

The writer's name is raditya dika and i bet almost everyone knows him.

anyway,I'm leaving away this friday,yes i'm continue-ing my high school in Medan. That was actually my parent's wish,i don't really feel like moving away. I've got a life here,then they forced me to move,What my dad said was only: "Don't worry,i'm sure you'll get some new BETTER friends there. That time,i wish there was an earthquake shook me and everyone there till i forget everything. But then,i can do nothing. Do they really think that starting a new life is as easy as we poo? People even have problems with poo-ing. No,i still have no idea how to start one. Shit i hate this.

Let's see how i will survive.

That's all,i gotta go eat or my tummy explodes,Chop!

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