Selasa, 22 Juni 2010

It's hard to decide a title,so yeah,ended up like this.

Hello sunshine. I know i know,it's been a long long time i haven't posted anything since my last one.
So,what to talk? I swear i have nothing to talk about. Err,but i have something which i can take as the topic which i'm gonna talk about which is about my new bought book which is so fantastic,funny,and stuff which i really love. Do you guys want to hit me already? Yeahhhh.... (?)
Here it is...

The writer's name is raditya dika and i bet almost everyone knows him.

anyway,I'm leaving away this friday,yes i'm continue-ing my high school in Medan. That was actually my parent's wish,i don't really feel like moving away. I've got a life here,then they forced me to move,What my dad said was only: "Don't worry,i'm sure you'll get some new BETTER friends there. That time,i wish there was an earthquake shook me and everyone there till i forget everything. But then,i can do nothing. Do they really think that starting a new life is as easy as we poo? People even have problems with poo-ing. No,i still have no idea how to start one. Shit i hate this.

Let's see how i will survive.

That's all,i gotta go eat or my tummy explodes,Chop!

Selasa, 08 Desember 2009

You got no one to love? love this boy,IDOLA CILIK 3.

apa kabarrr?

i'm here going to post something which will make people around surprise.
so,my school's mate named GABY who got a G-R-E-A-T V-O-I-C-E and a M-U-S-I-C T-A-L-E-N-T-E-D will be joining a singin competition as we all know IDOLA CILIK 3.
so i'm here just making you feel happy w
ith this talented lil boy who's really good,clever,and dilligent.
he's going to perform at RCTI on monday, 14th of december at one o'clock.
IC GABY then directly send that to 6288.

you will not regret that you've given a shot to this boy,YOU WILL NOT,he's not going to dissapoint anyon

here are some pictures of him

you also may check out his facebook,just message me or whatttt.
have a nice wednesday,people!

Jumat, 27 November 2009

I'm too over.But you,you're game over.

hello world.
been a while i haven't given any shot to my blog.

okay so final tests are on monday,and i'm not ready.
what do i have now on my mind?
i'm so abstracts these days,some people may be worry with that.
but the rest will just think that i'm acting,so fuck off!
i don't get the point why some people judge another people by their appeareance.
like they got nothing else to do.
what i can do is just i have to feel sorry for them who's been doing that to another innocents that shouldn't have got that.

Rabu, 21 Oktober 2009

You really got to let me breath normally as i used to. because i'm now breathing hardly.

for the new semester of the new grade which is mean the new class.
people must have realized that they've made a lotta changes for their own self.
and it possibly may directs the good side or even the evil side.
well that is NOT the matter of where does it direct.
cuz that's not the main point. when you got your self on the evil side,you still can realize your self and get the right away as soon as it is possible. and when it is a good side, you may be happy and finished.
but that isn't the main shit of self-changing, i just wanna make sure that everyone is still in the controlle.
except the things that i've been into becuz of your behaviour, i'm not pointing at those shits, yes i don't wanna take the past events as the thing that will bring me down.
but this isn't the past events, it just happened and it brought me down even at the first second after i heard the truth.
well, so it means that i'm not going to take this no more as a shit as soon as it's been a past event later.
and i-don't-care with it if you get this or even stucked on what i'm saying.
and nothing i got except hurt,dissapointing,and tears.

you don't have to take a look backwards
you just have to stare the next-to-your-face things.

Rabu, 14 Oktober 2009

I really wished that i was at the state of a deep unconciousness.

well happy thursday everyone.

you will never start to type something that you feel you have to type when you don't know what's going on with your feeling.
i am not happy these days,and i don't know how to get the answer why am i not happy.
i am "HIT" with lots of shits,and it is still going through me.
well okay, i'm not the only one,but "who cares?"
that's one of a lotta changes of me that i've realized.
you wanna share the thing but you don't know where to start,in case of you also sure that the one who you used to share will get bored with the story.
when you started to think that the people around you are now reacting different,but you also don't know wether it is just your feeling or they haven't got what's it that you're onto at now ,will sounds like pathetic at all.
and then life whisps you something,it says "life must goes on,you're still breathing without the people you used to depend on".

life is an assignment
shits are the question
crying is the challenge
and praying is the way to answer
but that doesn't fully work.

Sabtu, 03 Oktober 2009

I'll never want it and i don't wanna it be ever

what are you going to feel when you got a new class tuition and you got a lotta new classmates there joining you to study together though you are not in the same school ?
that question mark didn't finish my sentence, and when you wanted to get them as your new heads they will just act like i-dont-care-ass ,eventhough they actually have known you and eventhough actually they were in the same school like yourself but they moved away.
that's what i'm onto at the moment.

Selasa, 22 September 2009

Words are hurt eventhough feelings aren't real.

you got a new head for you,you got her to your life after the shits you told me about her.
ohh yes it was a long time ago,we were still babies on the junior high school,weren't we ?
well it doesn't matter how many heads are you going to catch to be your friends.
okay,it was an ACCIDENT.
you said this person was hypocrite, but i guess u got no time to look at the mirror for a second.
you mocked me at the beggining then you act like i wasn't a sinner for you,
thats pathetic okay,
i dont wanna tease you or what,i just wanna get this straight.

this shit is now closed.